Key System Solutions (KSS) provides design, installation and maintenance services, with specialist knowledge in lighting control, integrated security systems, distributed audio/video, HVAC control systems, energy management solutions and Building Management Systems.

KSS has over nine years of experience operating across the Residential, Hospitality and Commercial sectors, and has successfully undertaken projects in eight different Caribbean islands. 

Maintaining this track record KSS is determined to become the premiere integration and automation installers throughout the Caribbean.

Our Typical Project Cycle

Consult & Design

KSS provides design and consulting services for all of our projects, ensuring that no matter what our client’s specific preferences or requirements are, we can ensure they get  the quality and level of bespoke customization they deserve.

Ensuring all of the  technical requirements of the project are covered from cable schematics, equipment layouts and electrical requirements and elevations to the finishing and styling of keypads and user interfaces to hidden technology that simply blends into your interiors. 

Install & Commission

At KSS, we don’t just provide design — we also offer professional, expert installation and commissioning services. From cable termination and testing to equipment programming, our experienced management and technical staff will execute the entire process as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Service & Maintennance

Design and installation are a very small part of any system’s life-cycle. At KSS we want to ensure that clients can make the most of our solutions  after the installation & commissioning process is completed. We offer additional training, ongoing maintenance and support in order to navigate past that initial learning curve and gain in depth insight and knowledge of how to use and interact with your new system.